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Are you an adopted person. Or are you a parent who gave up a child for adoption. If so, you have rights pursuant to the Birth Information And Tracing Act 2022. This is a far-reaching piece of legislation which seeks to set right the wrongs of decades of inaction by the state in relation to people that were adopted. 

If you wish to seek information in relation to your birth or if you are a parent who gave up a child for adoption and are seeking information in relation to your child, you have a right to seek access to this information from the Adoption Authority of Ireland and or from TUSLA. This information now must be provided to applicants within one month of the application or in exceptional circumstances within three months. 

We, as adoption solicitors can help you with these applications, in particular if there is any delay in an application that you have already made. Please contact Patrick Kevans of this office to discuss these matters further. Contact number is 01 2243578 or alternatively by e-mail at pkevans@kmsolicitors.ie.

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